Here’s what you should know about flooring transitions

Here’s what you should know about flooring transitions

Transitions are a necessary addition when you choose new floors for your home. Wherever two rooms of flooring meet, a transition is needed for several purposes.

There are different types of transitions, and each one does something specific. If you’ve never picked a flooring transition, this is a great time to find out which ones you’ll need for your upcoming remodel.

Types of transitions and their uses

A great transition accommodates shifting from one flooring type to another for a flawless and appealing move across surfaces. Since there are several types of flooring materials, there are also several transition types, including:

· 4-in-1 transition strip – Our flooring company offers a transition strip with T-molding, carpet strip, end molding, and hard surface reducer.

· Carpet to tile – Brings low-pile carpet and tile together.

· Tile to laminate – Joins laminate and tile flooring pieces

· Hard surface T-strip – Connects two hard surfaces that are the same height.

· Vinyl to tile – Reduces the gap between thick tile and thinner vinyl flooring

· Wood-to-wood seam binder – Flat wooden strips hide seams between wood floor surfaces.

· Carpet edge gripper – Transitions from carpet to any lower-lying surface.

Transition strips aren’t usually placed in doorways, primarily if the same new floors are used. Each transition strip attaches differently, and we'll give you all the details when you choose yours.

To find out more about the products available to you, take time to consider your flooring choices. Our associates can help with each room in any size remodel.

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